I keep seeing the term “cisgender” popping up all over the place and am completely baffled by the definitions I’ve found. Wikipedia for instance states that cisgender is “an adjective used in the context of gender issues and counselling to refer to a class of gender identities formed by a match between an individual’s gender identity and the behavior or role considered appropriate for one’s sex.” So to put it into context then (I think), it at least sounds like someone who both identifies as a guy and seeks out the gender-specific norms of a guy qualifies as cisgendered? For lack of a better label, isn’t that just “normal?” Since I identify as a guy and generally want a male gender role, doesn’t that make me cisgendered by that definition?

I feel like I’m missing something in this definition because I’m seeing it used in reference to people who identify as a gender different than what they were born into, which I always thought was referred to as transgender. Those of you in the know, can you clarify these things for me?

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