State of the Monkey

It’s been ages since I posted anything substantive here. For the most part I don’t really make use of LJ anymore, other than occasional technical rambles and random assorted bitching. Still when a huge life-changing event occurs I like to talk about it a bit. For those of you just catching up, Nora and I are now officially married (w00t!!!!) as of 9 April 2011. My praxis after such huge events is to dissect it so I can fully understand each individual component, but I find myself unwilling to do so here. The day is hazy and wonderful and I would fight to have it stay that way in my memory. I’m normally bothered by trivialities…plagued in fact many times, but the small things that were off during the day hardly even register. I’m just overjoyed to be married to Nora and that’s enough.

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