Hey look at that…a post

Wow, the last time I posted anything was in June of last year.
I’ve pretty much dropped LJ at this point. I check in every so often as time permits, but time doesn’t permit much these days. I went ahead and liberated all of my entries from LJ and shifted them over to my personal blog so I suspect if I ever decide to start posting again it’s probably going to be over there.

Instead of content though, I’ll offer up a bit of geekery for you. If you use the built in LJ importer in WordPress it seems to pick and choose what gets set as private or password-protected and what gets set as public. This is of course problematic if you’re like me and keep most of what you post set to friends-only. Once you import your data, connect to your database and run the following query:

UPDATE `main_posts` SET `post_status`='private'

That’s it – you’ll mass set all posts to private and you’ll have luxury of time to go through the old entries and decide what you wish to make public and what you wish to keep private.

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