Routing Issue

I’m having an issue with this server I recently setup that is driving me nuts. I have a dual-homed system (no real bastion config, just LAN separation) – eth0 is the internal network, eth1 is the link to the outside world connected through the firewall DMZ. eth1 has an unroutable IP (172.20.x.x) linked to a valid public IP via firewall. The issue is that eth1 goes unresponsive while eth0 is up. Looking at it from the server, all traffic goes to one NIC or the other so that makes sense.

The easy fix is to specify metrics for eth0 and eth1, but then that prioritizes all traffic to one NIC or the other. I could specify routes through ifconfig…there aren’t many so that’s doable. The other solution I see would of course be to set up routes in the firewall that map to each NIC and be done with it that way. What do you guys think? Is there an elegant solution here that I’m missing?

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